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Industrials Coatings


Large Crews


Full Service Painting

Acrylic  Wall Texture
Anti Graffiti Painting


oil and water Tanks



We are a full service Painting Company.   
Large Multi Apartments & - Condominiums  complexes, 
Institution - Office complexes - Sport arenas -
 Schools - Packing plants - Process food facilities -  Hospitals  Parking garages structures- Restaurants - Care Centers -
Casino's - Costco, New constructions, Remodels, Malls. Town houses, Towers, Tanks,  Pools,  & Decks.

We are Experts in Vinyl Wall Covering & Epoxy Coatings



Acrylic Wall Texture
Where wall are bumped torn scraped, scratched and marred.

When product dries on the walls it's like having a iron film
to protect you investment.

 Thermal Painting Division  
Industrial Thermal Coating
 Pipe lines Ducts -Vessels -Towers, Tanks  - Factory Equipment.

  Fire Retardant Painting



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Plastering • Spackling• Skim Coating• Electrostatic Spraying Airless Spraying, Textured Ceilings Applied and Removed  Multicolor: Plextone &  Zolotone  Lacquered based coatings, Decorative Finishes• Wall Coverings Installed, Removed, Cleaned and Repaired• Pressure Washing• Rigging &
Scaffolding• Night & Weekend Service Available


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Commercial  Industrial Interior Exterior


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